Property Valuation Report Provide Lots of Essential Info

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Property Valuation Report Provide Lots of Essential Info

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Ten years ago tanning salons, independent hairdressers, bookmakers and charity shops could not possibly have afforded to meet the rents and rates of having a presence on these community high streets. Inevitably, the impact on Glasgow’s neighborhoods is a negative one. Ground floor flats, adjacent to the deserted trading units become unattractive and often lie empty. for instance an augmentation that takes up the whole arrangement is unrealistic to enhance The Pre Purchase Valuations figure. The irony in all this is that it is often the city council, as landlord of many of these premises.

Which suffers loss of income when they lie empty as a result of its own policies, We said it last year, and though we didn’t expect it to last this long, the reality is that sustained low interest rates have given a terrific boost to the local housing market. Ever since August 2000, that’s nearly eighteen months ago, demand for quality housing in the area has been unprecedented. This is largely because young couples, traditional buyers of such flats, can afford to buy a two bed roomed terraced starter home or better.
Image result for Property Valuation ReportAt the higher end of the market, it was a rare occurrence some seven or eight years ago to survey a home valued at £100,000 plus. Property people often gauge matters like house price rises by using the model three bedroom Wimpey semi-detached houses typically built in the 1970s or early 1980s. The area abounds in such dwellings and last year we became quite excited about the fact that their value had risen by as much as 15 per cent.

Research carried out on behalf of our firm confirmed that in some areas, such as Pitcorthie for example, prices for this most popular of properties had risen from £53-55,000 in mid-1999, to £63-65,000 by the start of 2001, and were now changing hands for up to £75,000 and in some cases for as much as £80,000. We understand also that 2001 saw one of the most attractive properties in the town, a traditional stone built former manse, breach the £300,000 mark, a price inconceivable just two or three years ago. This price rise comes despite the fact that Dunfermline is continuing to enjoy a building boom, with over a dozen firms of house builders hard at work developing the Eastern expansion of the town.


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